“I have been a patient of Dr. Kenna Ducey-Clark, D.C. since 2004. Before meeting Dr. Ducey-Clark, I sought treatment from many different types of healthcare providers, from Osteopaths to Chiropractors. I suffer from a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis, which requires supportive care to assist me in maintaining an active and healthy life. Until meeting her, I never received the results from treatment that I desired. By far, Dr. Ducey-Clark has proven, many times over, to have superior skills, experience and, above all, the best true, healing “hands on touch.” I highly recommend her as Chiropractic Physician.”

Chris Romer
Colorado State Senator
District 32

“I am a patient of Dr. Kenna Ducey-Clark’s and I feel it is my obligation to share words of hope to those who, like me, have greatly suffered from lower back pain. I am 37 years old and have always led a very active, athletic lifestyle. Physical fitness and physical activities are a large part of my life here in Colorado. However, for all of my adult life I have suffered with lower back pain. Each and every day my physical capabilities are limited by the amount of pain I have in my lower back. Of course, I have tried and tried to find ways to get relief. I have seen many chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc, with some small benefit, but no real relief.

My wife referred me to Dr. Ducey-Clark because she felt that her holistic approach to chiropractic healing might really benefit me. Well, my experience with Dr. Ducey-Clark has been nothing short of miraculous. I have been very impressed with her skill, knowledge, and professionalism. She has effectively given me the ability to live life free of back pain. Only those who have suffered as I have suffered will truly know what that has meant for me.

I believe that Dr. Ducey-Clark is a gifted healer and embodies the true meaning of the term health care professional.”

Brenton Mix
Chief Executive Officer
TMG Marketing Inc.

“Last year I suffered a severe ankle sprain while training for the Colfax Marathon. I ended up in a walking cast for three weeks and was very concerned about how to recover to my previous running abilities. Dr. Kenna Ducey-Clark was referred to me by one of her long-time patients. When I visited Dr. Ducey-Clark, she clearly explained the road I was facing if I expected a full recovery. She told me (and others had as well) that it takes about seven years to fully recover from the type of sprain I had incurred. Dr. Ducey-Clark adjusted, manipulated and educated me on how to strengthen my injured leg. She provided me with caring confidence and healed me with her “magic hands”.

This year I ran a leg of the Transplant Relay Team with my husband and friends for the Colfax Marathon, and then just last week, we ran the Bolder Boulder in just over one hour. I feel the strength of my ankle is close to 100%, if not already there, thanks to Dr. Ducey-Clark. She is an amazing health care provider whom I continue to visit for better body, mind, and spirit balance. She is much more than just a great Chiropractor, and we are lucky to have her here in our community.”

Michele Ashby

“Dr. Ducey-Clark has made an enormous difference in my life. I first went to her approximately three years ago. The headaches I’d had since my twenties were becoming so frequent that they were affecting my ability to work, and my neck aches were getting so severe that it was all I could do to stand for five minutes at a time. During the preceding twenty years, a series of other doctors had prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxants, suggesting I do things “to relax.” The diagnosis had originally been tension headaches and then it became migraines. 
 Dr. Ducey-Clark listened to the description of my symptoms and immediately took an X-ray. 
 As a result, she discovered what half a dozen doctors during a twenty-year period might have seen if they had looked: a congenital defect (two fused vertebrae) and reversed curvature of the spine. Dr. Clark has been treating me with thorough muscle work and gentle chiropractic adjustments, and the result has been a huge reduction in pain. The underlying condition is never going to go away, but I’m now able to manage day to day without relying on painkillers. 
What really set Dr. Ducey-Clark apart was that she looked for an underlying cause of my pain. My other doctors were not wrong when they diagnosed tension and migraines, but their treatments were more approximate and had many more side effects.”

Rebecca Berg
Writer and Editor

“I am grateful to Dr. Kenna S. Ducey-Clark for the professional medical services she has rendered to me in helping to relieve the pain I am experiencing in my suffering of Osteoarthritis. She is talented in discovering those Chiropractic methods that best address my problems and her treatment programs have been progressively helpful.

Dr. Ducey-Clark is a pleasant and gentle Chiropractor with great diagnostic ability. I have been to many Chiropractors over the year, but she is without doubt the very best I have ever experienced. I respect her and her abilities very much and am always happy to recommend her to any of my colleagues and friends without hesitation.”

Lewis E. Bogage

“People have asked me if I think angels walk the earth and now I believe they do. The source of my belief is Dr. Kenna Ducey -Clark.

As a former competitive ice skater and a current skating instructor, I have lived with chronic pain my entire life. I was always somewhat skeptical of the majority of treatments because nothing seemed to alleviate the pain. Treatments that I experienced in the past were short-term in their relief and never left me truly comfortable.
Despite my initial skepticism, I have now found tremendous relief with treatment from Dr. Ducey-Clark. Her gentle healing techniques have an amazing affect on my body and subsequently my spirit. She has granted me freedom from pain and the comfort that if I am in pain she will rescue me. The reason I came upon Dr. Ducey-Clark is through my daughter Madison.

As a mother you feel your one job in the world first and foremost is to protect your child form pain. Well, my daughter Madison was in excruciating pain from headaches that she suffered continuously throughout her eight-year life, and doctors were recommending surgery. I did not want my child to go through something so extreme without a guarantee that she would be relieved from her pain and not suffer some grave physical limitations after surgery. I called Dr. Ducey-Clark and talked to her about Madison and our situation. She fit Madison into her busy schedule and the love affair began. My daughter not only her treasures her treatments from Dr. Ducey-Clark, but they also have developed a bond that is indescribable. My daughter would rather spend a day with Dr. Ducey-Clark then Santa Claus.

Madison’s headaches have gone away and I feel indebted to Dr. Ducey-Clark for saving her from surgery and helping me guard and protect my child. Madison is an incredible athlete and as she grows, gets injured and has pain, I as a mother feel at peace because Dr. Ducey-Clark is in our lives.

So, angels do walk the earth and ours is Dr. Clark. She is a beautiful soul and grants my daughter and I inner peace through her healing.”

Mia Hoeksema Walker
DU ice skating coach