Functional Medicine

Falling Leaves Health embraces a Functional Medicine approach to health care.  Functional Medicine is science-based and supports the treatment of the underlying cause of illness or injury rather then treatment of symptoms alone.  Our clinic treats both structural and physiological dysfunctions.

For those with physiological dysfunctions such as adrenalthyroidblood sugardiabetes, weight gainetc.issues we  utilize a detailed history, examination, and lab testing, to help determine the underlying cause of the dysfunction within the body.  If the patient qualifies as a candidate for care, we utilize nutritional supplementation and diet to assist the patient in finding balanced health.

Falling Leaves Health proudly announces the addition of Dr. Kristen Campbell, DC of Mederi, PC to assist those with their nutritional, dietary, and physiological functional medicine concerns.  Please  go her website link to learn more.  If you decide to make an appointment with Dr. Campbell please let our staff know that you learned about her through the Falling Leaves Health website.

Dr. Ducey-Clark, D.C., P.C.  will determine if you are a candidate for treatment within her clinic based on detailed history and assessment of your initial examination.  Once your assessment has been completed, she will design your own personalized treatment plan that will fit your lifestyle and healthcare goals.

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